Meet Info

The BAYTAF Classic athlete entries will be processed by CoachO. The data base will be ready to receive input , Monday, FEBRUARY 5, 2024.
Single-age group competition for athletes in the Youth Division (14) down to sub-bantam. The following events will have preliminaries and finals:

The 400m is the ONLY event that we will use performance times to seed the races for all age groups. All other events will be a time final.  All Para-Olympic Athletes 3 Event/3 attempt final. Competition will start at Friday, May 24 at noon. All Open/Master races will be a time final unless it is a World Athletics Qualifier (3 event maximum for Open/Masters) and will be contested on Friday, May 24, starting at 3pm.  Performance standards will be enforced for all field events for “YOUTH” not Open and Masters or Para Athletes .   Athletes are required to provide their own implements and PROOF 0F AGE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS MEET.